Nortya Technologies is a professional Engineering Design company that specializes in designing key parts and components for many industries such as Pharmaceutical and Wholesale.

Our Founder and Chief Engineer has been providing first-rate engineering design services to our customers for the last 20 years. Aligning his passion – solving technical challenges – with  his vision – “Driven by Design” he decided to establish the foundations of Nortya Technologies.

It all started from a desire to design better components – gears, pulleys etc – as we have struggled finding good quality, low price parts for our past projects. Instead of spending days (or even weeks) looking for the right part with the right tolerances and made from the right material, we have decided that it’s better to spend the time and design the required part strictly per customer needs.

Our company’s strength lies in our unique approach to mechanical engineering and design. We will continue to offer innovative, collaborative engineering solutions with the addition of electrical engineering, commissioning services, additive manufacturing, packaging solutions, and more.


How we do it?

With superior skills and a mix of established techniques, processes and innovations Nortya delivers only high-quality, well designed solutions and projects for our customer base. How do we do it?

AutoCAD experience

➢ Applying engineering design’s 7 principles

➢ Extensive additive manufacturing experience


Manufacturing Services

Beside our Industrial and Mechanical Design services, we also offer Manufacturing Services for whatever your needs are; please drop us a line to discuss your interest and to see how we can assist.

Do you want to know more? Check out our SERVICES page for more details about what we do.

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Detailed documentation really helped out in installing the newly designed part we needed. Thanks a lot, Nortya!

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