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What We Offer

We have a dedicated Team ready to provide you with the best Industrial Design services, focusing on dependability and efficiency. In addition, we’re continuously working to turn our passion for Engineering Design into a world-class services company for all your design needs.

Engineering Design

Whether it’s just improving the appearance or ergonomics of an existing product or bringing new technology into the market, we can certainly help your company to bring your concept to life. Moreover, our team understands the design process, elements of a successful project, instrumentation and control system issues, and the engineering products that enables practical design and successful maintenance.

Control systems integration
Control system upgrades
Keep-It-Simple design process
Instrumentation engineering

New Thinking. New Design.

Industrial Design

It is important to realize that Industrial design can help businesses make their products more functional, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing for customers. Therefore, from conceptual design to startup and commissioning, we are ready to take on your project.

Modifications to existing industrial equipment
Industrial systems commissioning 
Environmental and safety compliance
Specialty electrical, mechanical, and controls equipment

Tooling & Injection Molding services

Nortya Technologies offers a single-source global solution that supports any size company’s low- to high-volume molding needs. In addition, our in-house experts are working side-by-side, improving the injection mold business model—accelerating the quoting process, as well as including DFM (design for manufacturing) overview with every initial quote.

Tool and Die Design
Part design for manufacturing 
Reverse Engineering services
Tooling & Injection Molding services (Prototype and Production tooling)

The Science of Design.

Additive Manufacturing Services

In addition to our design services, we offer Additive Manufacturing capabilities which provide greater freedom of product design. As a result, our expertise in 3D printing, material selection, and part design helps customers in the design validation process and prototyping their concepts. Additionally, our companies believes 3D printing will become a mainstream manufacturing process that will shorten the Time-to-Market for a new product.

Part Design
Scanning / Reverse Engineering 
Jig/Fixture Design
Printing Services

While we specialize in certain industries, we can definitely do custom work. If you’d like to know more or discuss your project with us, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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